[At-Large] Donuts to acquire Afilias

parminder parminder at itforchange.net
Fri Nov 20 04:11:39 UTC 2020

I understand all that this is being directed by a murky mafia behind the
scene, of which we got some sightings during the .org saga. This mafia
both consists of ex-CANNers and is in cahoots with existing people in
ICANN... This is why revolving doors is such a bad word in policy and
governance circles.... But wasnt the multistakeholderism version
practised by ICANN always a formalisation and white-washing of revolving
doors... parminder

On 20/11/20 1:26 AM, Dev Anand Teelucksingh wrote:
> From https://donuts.news/donuts-inc-to-acquire-afilias-inc
> "Donuts Inc., the global leader in next generation top-level domains
> (TLD) and digital identity, today announces that it has entered into
> an agreement to purchase Afilias, Inc. for an undisclosed sum. The
> transaction, which will not include Afilias’ mobile software and
> registrar businesses, is expected to close in Q4 2020, following
> successful completion of regulatory requirements.
> The Afilias registry business features a prominent back-end registry
> platform, DNS solutions and cyber-security expertise. Afilias operates
> the authoritative directories and DNS for over 200 top-level domains.
> The Afilias registry business also includes an impressive array of
> top-level domains such as .info, .global, and .mobi, as well as
> country codes, dotBrands and other generic TLDs.
> “The Afilias and Donuts teams share a commitment to security,
> stability and reliability,” Donuts CEO Akram Atallah commented. “This
> will only grow stronger as we implement the best technologies and
> services from each organization while maintaining seamless delivery to
> our registry and registrar partners as well as our end registrants.”
> The Donuts and Afilias teams will continue to provide registrar
> partners the same access to the domain names and services they’ve had
> in the past. With a combined Donuts and Afilias partnership,
> cyber-security will be a top priority and registrants will have even
> more simplicity, consistency, efficiency and quality to help them
> secure their online identities."
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