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Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Sat Jun 20 15:16:02 UTC 2020

Great tips Jonathan -- but we can't just take images from the web and 
stick them on powerpoints destined for a world wide audience and which 
will continue to exist in archives. Got a solution for that?


On 6/20/2020 10:10 AM, Jonathan Zuck wrote:
> Folks,
> At the request of “management,” I’m working on a class on PowerPoint 
> and how to use it for Presentations, Videos and Course development but 
> it will be quite a while before it is finished. In the meantime, 
>  Maureen asked if I would simply share some presentation tips so, here 
> are some, in rough format. I hope they are helpful. JZ
>  1. *People cannot listen and read at the same time.*
>     Period. Both activities engage the language center of the brain.
>     They will do only one and, more often than not, that's read. If
>     they are reading the same slides you are, then why are you there?
>  2. *Slides should supplement the talk, not the other way around.*
>     The big joke is that during EVERY Zoom meeting, people ask if the
>     slides will be available. It's funny first because the answer is
>     ALWAYS yes but, more importantly, your slides should not be able
>     to stand on their own.
>  3. *People CAN absorb pictures and listen at the same time*
>     Looking and listening engage different, complimentary, parts of
>     the brain. The best analogy for a good presentation is a
>     documentary film. They generally have narration and visuals.
>     Imagine if Ken Burn's documentary about the American Civil War was
>     a series of PowerPoints with titles and bullets!
>  1. *Only pictures and punchlines
>     *
>  2. *6 words or LESS
>     *
>  3. *Bring People Back*
>     Ideally, people spend more time looking at you than your slides.
>     This is harder in the virtual world, for sure, especially if
>     there's no video, but consider a blank slide or a picture of
>     yourself as you explain something. Tell people to close their
>     eyes, even!
>  4. *Turn sentences into pictures and punchlines*
>     In other words, edit down sentences to the bare minimum to be
>     understood, make numbers Arabic instead of text and make them
>     bigger and different colors than the text. A sentence like
>     “Research shows that ninety-five percent of applications for
>     community priority evaluation failed to gain approval,” could be
>     represented on a slide as
>     A close up of a sign Description automatically generated
>  5. *Notes in Notes Section*
>     If you wish to include explanations in your slide deck, do it in
>     the notes section. Then they are there for you to use and EVEN
>     available to share by making a PDF of the Notes View, instead of
>     the slide view! Another benefit of putting what you plan to say
>     iin the Notes is that you can often share them with the
>     interpreters in advance.
>  6. *Rehearse
>     It’s the only way you’ll ever know how long your presentation is
>     becoming or whether you’re going to stumble over a particular
>     phrase or simply be at a loss for words. You can use the “Rehearse
>     Timing,” feature under the Slide Show  menu.*
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