[At-Large] RIPE 80 Meeting - Invitation

Sebicann Bachollet sebicann at bachollet.fr
Fri May 8 10:08:02 UTC 2020

Dear EURALO and the whole At-Large community members,
I am very pleased to forward on behalf of our RIPE NCC colleagues and partners (EURALO and RIPE NCC have a MOU) the following information.

The upcoming RIPE 80 Meeting will be a first ever fully virtual meeting and will take place from 12-14 May 2020. All the sessions are public, and being remote, RIPE NCC have waived the usual attendance fee.
That means you (dear At-Large members) can participate in all the sessions without leaving your comfy armchair!

If you would like to know how you may take a part read this
https://ripe80.ripe.net/attend/how-to-participate/ <https://ripe80.ripe.net/attend/how-to-participate/>

You can register (for free) here:
https://ripe80.ripe.net/attend/register/ <https://ripe80.ripe.net/attend/register/>

Agendas are published for most sessions here:
https://ripe80.ripe.net/programme/meeting-plan/ <https://ripe80.ripe.net/programme/meeting-plan/>

We wish you a fruitful RIPE 80 Meeting!

Natalia Filina
Secretary of EURALO 
Sebastien Bachollet
Chair of EURALO 

All the best

Sébastien Bachollet
+33 6 07 66 89 33
sebicann at bachollet.fr


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