[At-Large] Coping with active participation in At-Large during COVID-19

Maureen Hilyard maureen.hilyard at gmail.com
Thu Apr 30 19:58:37 UTC 2020

Dear At-Large Community

In all our recent ICANN meetings, the Board and the senior staff have been
very mindful of the difficulties that are being experienced by the
volunteer community of At-Large during this pandemic and its impact on
their ability to participate as regularly as they used to.

During his intervention in the ALAC meeting on  28 April, the At-Large
appointed Board member, Leon Sanchez, raised his ongoing concerns and asked
the 70+ participants at the meeting how ICANN might be able to help
volunteers to continue with their active involvement in the work of
At-Large and contributing to the bigger picture work of ICANN.

Because he has requested practical and constructive suggestions about how
ICANN may be able to assist, I am putting this message out to those who
also already attend online meetings and actively participate and engage,
even under really trying personal circumstances. I am willing to pass on
your suggestions to Leon, who will in turn take these to the Board for
their consideration.

*Please respond only to this thread* before 7 May, so that the full
account can be passed on to Leon.  I look forward to your thoughtful
contributions to this matter.

ALAC Chair
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