[At-Large] Google Developers : Humans can't read URLs. How can we fix it? - HTTP 203

Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Wed Feb 12 16:17:38 UTC 2020

Since this thread is touching a lot on IDNs - and related problems (real or perceived) - may I suggest the interested people to join the ALAC IDN-WG, where these issues can be thoroughly discussed.
At the moment the WG is not very active, but Satish - the Chair - is bringing it back to life. So it would be a great moment for bringing some discussion over there, also in view of the greater attention that this topic is receiving.

> On 11.02.2020, at 21:12, bzs at theworld.com wrote:
> Just to throw a little more into the mix there are also "homonym"
> attacks, for example sneaking a Cyrillic (e.g., Russian) 'o' into
> microsoft . com, they look the same as a Latin-1 'o' but are encoded
> differently.
> Some browsers recognize that and will display "punycode", xn-blahblah,
> rather than the graphical version but there are all sorts of places
> this might be abused (e.g., a link in an email or sms, etc.)
> My real point is it's a big and, I like to think, active topic.
> A lot of it falls more into the realm of the IETF, engineering issues,
> and human factors engineering, rather than policy at this point other
> than perhaps supporting whatever the gearheads come up with to
> mitigate all this and to turn any engineering recommendations into
> workable policy. And education about the problem of course.
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