[At-Large] Krebs on Security : Does Your Domain Have a Registry Lock?

Dev Anand Teelucksingh devtee at gmail.com
Fri Jan 24 20:10:27 UTC 2020

Fascinating read from Krebs on Security on the perils of loosing your
domain name even with registrar lock and how a registry lock would have
helped - Dev Anand

"On December 23, 2019, unknown attackers began contacting customer support
people at OpenProvider <https://openprovider.com/>, a popular domain name
registrar based in The Netherlands. The scammers told the customer
representatives they had just purchased from the original owner the
domain *e-hawk.net
<http://e-hawk.net>* — which is part of a service that helps Web sites
detect and block fraud — and that they were having trouble transferring the
domain from OpenProvider to a different registrar.

The real owner of e-hawk.net is *Raymond Dijkxhoorn*, a security expert and
entrepreneur who has spent much of his career making life harder for
cybercrooks and spammers. Dijkxhoorn and E-HAWK’s *CEO Peter Cholnoky* had
already protected their domain with a “*registrar lock*,” a service that
requires the registrar to confirm any requested changes with the domain
owner via whatever communications method is specified by the registrant.

In the case of e-hawk.net, however, the scammers managed to trick an
OpenProvider customer service rep into transferring the domain to another
registrar with a fairly lame social engineering ruse — and without
triggering any verification to the real owners of the domain."
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