[At-Large] EURALO newsletter, January 2020

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Dear Natalia,

Thanks and congratulations for the initiative. You're doing a great job!



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Subject: [At-Large] EURALO newsletter, January 2020

Dear EURALO members,
friends and colleagues,

We would like to present and share the Quarterly EURALO report (newsletter) for the period September-December 2019.
We hope you`ll find it useful and interesting.

As we discussed earlier, we will prepare a short traditional report every month and an extended quarterly newsletter every 3 months.

We are very welcome to your input, regional local news, your expert opinions on the most important topics and any comments which will help our community be informed better and be involved to discuss the main ndustry news, and allow us to work more closely and effectively.

The Monthly report will be released until the 5th of each month.
The Quarterly newsletter -  until the 10th.

Natalia Filina

Secretary of EURALO
Member of ALAC Subcommittee on Outreach and Engagement

Officer of SIG IoT (ISOC)

+7 906 722 54 61
Moscow, Russian Federation
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