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On November 22, 2019 at 07:17 mail.roberto.gaetano at gmail.com (Roberto Gaetano) wrote:
 > At the time of the NomCom Review I posted a comment recommending that the NomCom selects all the members of the ICANN Board. The rationale for that was that the SO-appointed Directors were in a permanent conflict because although they had a fiduciary responsibility to ICANN they were nevertheless obliged to follow the interest of their own organization if they wanted to be re-elected. We had in the past exemplary cases of independence by Directors, but also cases of the contrary.
 > There were also other considerations, but at this early stage I just want to throw this idea as brainstorming, we can develop it later if other people find it worth exploring.

Interesting, having been a nominee for a board seat by both the ASO/AC
and the IETF my assumption was that my core duty would be to represent
their interests to the board where needed.

Of course for many issues which would come before the board they had
no or only indirect interest so other than discussing those with
people from those organizations to ensure my reading was correct, and
to just seek their insights, I would use my best judgement on the
interests of ICANN and the internet in general as appropriate.

I believe that's how those organizations saw those board positions
though I do understand your point about fiduciary responsibility. The
easy answer is they were only one vote each and the fiduciary
responsibilities reflected the sum voting of the board, the work
product as it were.

        -Barry Shein

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