[At-Large] [BMSPC-2020] Board seat 15 selection

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Fri Nov 22 00:24:54 UTC 2019

One place to begin thinking about goals is to look at the list of things 
in this ICANN document:


Another place might be to look at some of the rather mild proposals that 
we made in the BWG (Boston Working Group) submission way back when:


Personally I'd like a return to the original commitment made during 
ICANN's formation that at least a majority of ICANN board of directors 
be chosen (indirectly or directly) by the community of internet users.

It could be illuminating if people here sat down, fired up their hopes 
and imaginations, and set down their vision of what a properly formed 
ICANN, unfettered by the present structure, would be.

How those hopes could be achieved is a hard question.

The lawyer in me tends to think of means that resemble the fabled use of 
a 2x4 to get the attention of a reluctant mule.

Perhaps one might want to coax ICANN to recognize that it is (or at 
least was in year 2000) a membership based public-benefit/non-profit per 
California Law.

Another possible means would be to revisit the grounds upon which ICANN 
receives its US Federal tax exemption (501(c)(3)).  It's been years 
since I last looked, but initially it was, if I remember correctly, "to 
lessen the burdens of government" (for the US gov't.)  If that's still 
the foundation, it would be one that is filled with cracks and crumbling.

Those might not be good approaches - they might engender a lot of 
resentment (they would certainly engender a lot of legal fees paid by 
ICANN to Jones Day.  ;-)


On 11/21/19 3:10 PM, bzs at theworld.com wrote:
> Perhaps I'm being naive but what seems to me is missing in this
> conversation is: By what process might this ship be righted?
> Multiple choice is acceptable.

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