[At-Large] pitch to the board re: MS model

Marita Moll mmoll at ca.inter.net
Tue Nov 5 02:24:56 UTC 2019

That's right Carlton. It will always be an uphill battle -- but they 
could lighten the load a bit. If anyone reading this has a good example 
of a project with potential to bring in new members but which would 
probably not find a place in the current ICANN funding boxes, please 
send them over. I have a couple, but could use something non-North 
America based.



On 11/4/2019 3:34 PM, Carlton Samuels wrote:
> Well worthy of our collective consideration!
> Because as it now happens, what we built is only narrowing the base 
> from where we expect to recruit.
> We know well the challenges we face. Finding volunteers to do the 
> policy work at the level we would find competitive to other 
> well-resourced parts of the community is like looking for the goose 
> that lays the golden egg on a needle in a haystack.
> We have to cast far and wide. And for every thousand we reach if we're 
> really lucky and all the stars align  we will harvest what, maybe three!
> And,  if we harvest three, I'm prepared to declare victory and go home.
> Carlton
> On Mon, 4 Nov 2019, 2:23 pm Marita Moll, <mmoll at ca.inter.net 
> <mailto:mmoll at ca.inter.net>> wrote:
>     My thoughts about our pitch to the board later on this week re:
>     the evolution of the MS model. We can only expect to have 15 min
>     on this so am keeping it fairly narrowly focussed:
>     Our focus would be on improving our ability to grow the MS
>     volunteer community, increasing diversity, increasing
>     participation. The goal has to be to build a system that can
>     attract and retain volunteers in multiple locations and local
>     contexts who can engage at multiple levels. There is no one size
>     that fits all. In this challenge, the community must lead. That is
>     where the expertise is, that's where the local knowledge is and
>     where the solutions will come from. We need to innovate, take some
>     risks and think outside of the box.
>     Good theory, but in reality, there are lots of hurdles -- it is
>     not so easy to get adequate funds moving in the direction of
>     innovative community outreach programs. --- offer a couple of real
>     examples.
>     *The ask: In the interests of bringing more people into our
>     communities to deal with the ever increasing workload, will the
>     Board formally recognize and encourage efforts to innovate in this
>     challenge of growing our community -- by lowering some of the
>     barriers.*
>     Marita
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