[At-Large] The visa to Canada and fall of participation

peters omoragbon petersomoragbon at gmail.com
Sun Oct 27 11:23:32 UTC 2019

Hello Alan.Responding from your last paragraph : What has procrastination got to do with applying for visa early when ICANN has to first of all put in place the needed documents and information to support any application. So, the problem is not from the applicant but the organizers who should know better. This goes to your correct observation about ICANN travel not doing enough due diligence in this matter before now. I attend international conferences especially as a United Nations Permanent Rep and A UNFCCC Designated Contact person. What the organizers do is to agree on a code with the host country foreign affairs ministry for ACCREDITED Delegates. With this, they re exempted mostly from the stringent requirements for ordinary applicants. Icann has been doing this now for over 70 times and should have by now known how to navigate this bureaucracy. What I still find very insulting from Canada is to allude that all applicants from selected countries are potential immigrants when these applicants have shown clear evidence of having been to the USA and Europe without migrating! I asked what is so special about Canada? Finally, Alan I could suspect you are a Canadian from your position so far. With your insider knowledge and experience, and considering how deep rooted you are in ICANN why did you not form part of the local host to help avert these unnecessary hoola baloo? 
Instead of trying to challenge my frustration with the system of Canada, I expect you to proffer workable solution and support for those having visa problems. Why must I try to impress Canada with ALL I have got to demonstrate I will return? If I want to stay, that will not prevent me from staying back. Afterall I won't forfeit my assets to Canada if I refuse to leave. That is why their reasons make no sense to me. BestPastor Peters Omoragbon 

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