[At-Large] The visa to Canada and fall of participation of LAC in ATLAS III

Raitme Citterio rcitterio at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 21:06:17 UTC 2019

As part of the LAC region, I will give my point of view on this.

For this it is necessary to return to London 2014, during that meeting the
Atlas II working sessions would take place. The conditions for applying for
the visa were similar or perhaps to some extent more complicated than for a
Canadian visa.

At that time I was not interested in applying for the scholarship, because
I understood the complications of obtaining a visa.

But when I tried to talk about that situation, with those who organized the
Atlas II session at that time, first they didn't allow remote transmission
for those of us who were interested in those working sessions, something
that seems to me to have been wrong.

At the beginning of the meeting, people from certain countries in Europe,
Asia, Africa and LAC were denied visas for various reasons. But this
situation was repeated in a certain way during ICANN 53 in Buenos Aires -
LAC, where some colleagues from Asian countries could not obtain their
visas in time, some even had to travel to a third country in order to apply
for the visa.

But, this time in the case of Atlas III there is a certain peculiar
situation for the citizens of Venezuela (where there is currently no
embassy in London, USA or Canada) so it is necessary to process visas in
third countries in the case of Venezuela, where the same embassy of Canada
requests at least more than 3 months to transmit any type of visa.

In spite of the claims in the session with the ICANN board during ICANN 50
London and ICANN 53 Buenos Aires; the situation keeps repeating itself and
the lists begin as this making visible the situation, without this changing.

I think it was not easier that the working sessions were during ICANN 70 in
a region a little less problematic with the issue of the visa? Because of
this situation, it will possibly be repeated again in ICANN 72 which will
be in the USA.

Unfortunately we like it or there are no nationalities that are not welcome
in certain countries, I know from personal experiences not related to
anything ICANN.

Complain about this repetitive situation, of course but I think you have to
do it with the right people, who unfortunately are not seeing this email
list on this subject.

I apologize beforehand, if what I said here may bother many people but it
is inevitable

Raitme Citterio
4FE7 B994 C1CF 2815 at pgp

El vie., 25 de oct. de 2019 a la(s) 15:40, Sergio Salinas Porto (
presidencia at internauta.org.ar) escribió:

> Dear friends, many of our partners, like our brothers in Africa, have
> fallen into disgrace that their visa has been denied, this is not only
> frustrating but also that puts our ATLAS in a difficult citation.
> I don't know why we chose a place to do an ATLAS where crossing the border
> of that country (Canada) is similar to obtaining a prize for belonging to a
> select minority.
> But now we are dancing so in the middle of this dance I ask Is there
> anyone who can do something so that our partners can travel to Montreal in
> just six (6) days?
> So far we have these people in complicated situations:
> Harold Arches
> Antonio Medina Gomez
> Vrikson Iván Acosta Velásquez
> KInd Regards
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