[At-Large] The visa to Canada and fall of participation of LAC in ATLAS III

Sonigitu Ekpe soekpe at gmail.com
Sat Oct 26 04:46:15 UTC 2019

Cause and effect attitude.

Who stimulated inequality,  suppression that has risen to the fear of the

If the various regions of the World were allowed with all the different
ethic groupings to develop freely,  without interference by others,  or
forcefully imposing what ever ideology, in subduing them to manage or
extract their resources  for the betterment of their countries, while
impoverishing/promoting conflicts within the resourced rich countries to
enable them continue to have control...

All this wouldn't have been the case!

So today,  they leach out  insults upon all the injuries they caused us,
even after many conventions to heal the wounds.

Today Canada is heaven,  so others are not qualified and they pretend to do
a kind of selective issuance just to consider them as not racist in the
face of the Global Community.

Sonigitu Ekpe
Environmental Governance Consultant

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