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Dear all,
I believe that given the multicultural composition of the At-Large community we could be of great help in supporting this call.
I would recommend that we involve our At-Large structures and individual members in this activity.
Best regards,

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Dear all

Below is a call for contributions from Whose Knowledge?  in partnership
with the Centre for Internet and Society (CIS) and the Oxford Internet
Institute "to better understand the challenges and opportunities that
support or prevent our languages and knowledges from being online."

From their outeach message:

"Contributions can take many forms. Some key questions to explore:

- How are you or your community using your language online?
- What do you wish you could create or share in your language online
that you can’t today?
- What does content in your language look like online? What exists,
what’s missing?
- How and where and using what technologies do you share or create
content in your language?
- What is challenging to create or share on your language online?

*Submission deadline is 2 September at 23:59 IST (Indian Standard Time)*

You can read more here:
https://whoseknowledge.org/initiatives/callforcontributions/ "

Contact Fumiko - fumiko @futeisha.org  for more information.

Best regards

Anriette Esterhuysen

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