[At-Large] Fwd: ATLASIII Participation

Karl Auerbach karl at cavebear.com
Thu Aug 1 18:25:13 UTC 2019

On 8/1/19 2:09 AM, Wolfgang Kleinwächter wrote:

> I was involved in the Mexico Summit (inter alia by creating the 
> acronym :-))) ). In my opinion the Mexcio summit did have an impact. 
> We worked on short "Resolutions" which were handed over to the Board. 
> One resolution was on At Large representation in the ICANN Board. We 
> were calling for two voting seats in the Board. We did not get the two 
> voting seats
It is worth remembering that when ICANN was still "NewCo" that a promise 
was made that the Board of Directors would be dominated by a majority of 
seats chosen by the public.  So asking for two seats is asking for a 
crust of stale bread when we were promised a feast.

I do remember the horrific pushback we got when our 2009 board "At Large 
Advisory Committee" suggested any public seat (one of which became the 
one we have now.)

Take a look at my "concurrence" beginning at page 32:



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