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Alberto Soto alberto at soto.net.ar
Sun Jul 14 13:25:27 UTC 2019

For Atlas II, no metrics had been reported. For Atlas III, yes, and they were made explicit with sufficient time. And regardless of whether we knew something or not, the content of webinars or courses, as Olivier said, it is always good to learn something. and conform to the rules, it is much better.





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Dear friends, I agree with humberto, I think 3 years are not enough.

I have seen in the list, people who were in London in 2014 who literally went on vacation to Great Britain. 

I believe that the path should be a sanction ranging from Atlas III to IV (included), without any funding in between.


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El mar., 9 jul. 2019 11:40, Humberto Carrasco <hcarrascob at gmail.com> escribió:

Dear John,

I am with you. I believe there is all travellers must comply with Atlas III goals. Travelling to Canada is not a vacation. However, instead of saying 3 years, I would say for any ICANN funding for 5 years or the next ATLAS meeting. If I remember well the last ATLAS meeting was 2014 (5 years ago)


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