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Sat Jul 13 17:49:17 UTC 2019

Here you are again, Karl, with the vision of the third eye!

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On Fri, Jul 12, 2019 at 2:41 PM Karl Auerbach <karl at cavebear.com> wrote:

> On 7/12/19 5:53 AM, Christian de Larrinaga wrote:
> > In no way to detract from any point you are making. But this is the
> > first I've heard about ATLAS participation or these ICANN courses. I
> > also have no idea whether this matters in the slightest.
> I, as well, found these requirements surprising.  They reminded me of
> 19th century European sovereigns who claimed that their colonial
> governments in Africa were necessary because the people there were
> incapable of deciding questions that were important to their own lives.
> Yes, that is a harsh assessment.  But imposition of participation
> requirements, such as mandatory education, smacks of "top down" management.
> Yes, people who don't know the lingo of the meeting do slow things
> down.  But ICANN has been wandering around, doing essentially little
> except promote certain intellectual property and business interests for
> more than two decades.  "Efficient" is not a word that seems to exist in
> the ICANN universe.
> Why not a list of suggested readings rather than a mandatory gauntlet?
> Much of the potential of ICANN is not in following the deeply rutted
> path of what ICANN has done over the last two decades but, rather, in
> what is possible when one explores the green fields to the sides of the
> old road.
> Mandatory courses can be blinders - devices used on horses so that they
> could see only what was in front of them, not to the sides.
> Those mandatory courses tell potential participants what has been; not
> what is possible.
> Nor are those courses complete.  For instance, is there material that
> explains how (or why) ICANN arrived at the present Byzantine structure
> or what the alternatives were (and perhaps still are)?
> Those courses reminded me of when I started in the field of networking
> that we had to learn about circuits and BiSync and HASP because that was
> the way thing were done.  It was revolutionaries like Luis Pouzin, Don
> Davies, and Paul Baran who said "we don't need circuits, packets are
> sufficient" that broke us out of the status quo and led to the
> end-to-end principle and the internet.
> (There are even more harsh assessments of imposed orthodoxy.  I am
> reminded of Mao's Red Book [which was pilloried in a great aria -
> https://youtu.be/TyiKxltknZI ].)
>              --karl--
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