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Wed Jul 10 19:09:36 UTC 2019

Can I interject a tiny opinion...

I remember going to some important-sounding small meeting at the ICANN
in Brussels, I forget what, perhaps an "ISP meeting" as I often
attended those.

A guest speaker from the ICANN staff was introduced and we were told
he would give a presentation and the slides etc came out.

It was about an hour on how to properly fill out travel expense
reports, apparently they had changed format.

I say about an hour because eventually I left when it seemed there was
no further order of business. I've never received any travel support
from ICANN.

My point is, and that's not the only experience like that, travel
funding and policies certainly fascinate many "participants" to the
point of, dare I say, distraction. Look at all of the sudden activity
on this list when it came up!

Is failure to attend a session on obtaining and managing travel
funding an offense? Is attending one an offense?

Can't it just be summarized as "point noted!" and spun off into the
development of some sort of preferably brief and to the point policy
document that basically says defrauding ICANN (et al) out of travel
funding is frowned upon?

That is, is there any work product from all this discussion being

        -Barry Shein

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