[At-Large] ATLASIII Participation

Alan Levin alan at futureperfect.co.za
Wed Jul 10 14:36:04 UTC 2019

Hi all,
I've been around like Gaetano, since before ALAC was created and I was
part of the AFRALO formation
I attended Atlas in London... I am sure that I would not have met the
strict guidelines that appear to be emerging here...
I don't think that I will attending the next one although I do think
that we want:
- people who understand the issues *MORE* than the process...
- most of the At-Large meetings focus on process, the content is
rarely discussed
- GDRP was handled at a very superficial level and I do not think ANY
of the content had *any* effect on the outcomes
- the content was discussed in various other consituency meetings
which I did attend, possibly more than the pure ALAC discussions
- I do think that there are very imprtant and neccesary social
networking for attendees
- working for the rights of internet users is not always about sitting
in meetings

So, I'm tending more towards Carltons POV here... and we all agree
that travel funding is not meant to be for a 'holiday', it's also not
a "business trip" since these are volunteers and they have the right
to do as they please...  treat people like adults and they will behave
that way....
Possibly a pre-qualification process will be useful..

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