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Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Jul 1 18:56:08 UTC 2019

On Sun, 30 Jun 2019 at 00:08, <bzs at theworld.com> wrote:

>  > Regarding hyphenated or even non-semantic names - Anyone these days who
>  > depends on humans making semantic sense out of a domain name is living
>  > in days of fading glory.  Search engines, especially when embedded in
>  > browser address bars, have long ago started to diminish the use of
>  > domain names as carriers of semantic content.  And the rise of
>  > application handles such as facebook or twitter names has diminished
>  > that further.
> The canned response to that has become:
>   Once they find it via search it's good if the domain is memorable
>   because if they search again they might find your competitor.

Even the most unsophisticated end-user I know understands the concept of
bookmarking sites. Even if management of bookmarks is unruly, having them
facilitates finding the same site using repetitive searches.

One other missing component of this is SEO. Coming up with two or three
memorable keywords may be easier than coming up with a good domain name
(especially) if a speculator is holding your preferred ones.
- Evan
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