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Evan Leibovitch evan at telly.org
Mon Jul 1 17:00:43 UTC 2019

A few minutes ago I said,

> Eventually ICANN's arrogance will push even neutral players to determine
> that a change is in order, that even the feared multilateralism can't be
> worse than what exists now.

Sorry, I forgot until after I sent that that a very significant step in
this direction has already occurred, in Emannuel Macron's November speech
to the IGF. I once has some hope that the IGF would offer alternative
models to ICANN's that would balance public and industry needs, but after
years and years of existence it has ZERO to show for it. Just offering a
place to talk -- which is the best reason I have heard that the IGF exists
-- has its limits if there are never any results.

Macron called for an approach to Internet governance that lies something
between Californian and Chinese. And he implied that if it doesn't happen
by internal consensus, it will happen by other means.

No response so far.

Tick tock.
- Evan
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