[At-Large] [CPWG] [registration-issues-wg] Planning for Round Two of New gTLDS is open?

Alberto Soto alberto at soto.net.ar
Mon Jul 1 12:27:04 UTC 2019

n ICANN, the change in the multi-stakeholder model is being addressed. In Barcelona, at the ALAC meeting with the ICANN Board, I asked if this change would also imply a change in the bottom-up work methodology that is essential to establish our relationship with the end users and obtain the necessary feedbak for the generation of policies They answered that that would not change.

This type of measures, are showing that this methodology has already changed, that the opinion of several of the multiple stakeholders is no longer taken into account ..






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Yes, this seems to be ignoring our opinions expressed.


However, as the gTLD market is already over-saturated, I believe the results of another round will work against those who are pushing for it.  Thus, after saying what should be said, we may just wait and see ...    ALAC will be be blamed anyway.


Also, if there is going to be another CCT-RT for that round, I would gladly volunteer for it.   : )





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1. The ICANN working paper ignores several key points that have been raised in the PDP, by ALAC, and in the meetings in ICANN65.


2.  The Circle ID article by the CEO of Cum Laude, presumably is an embarrassment to the PDP CoChairs.



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