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> Before it was removed in November 2016 the "Criticisms" section of
> Wikipedia's "Multistakeholder Governance Model" read:
>   Criticism of multistakeholderism comes from Paul R. Lehto,
>   J.D.{{Citation needed|date=March 2014}}, who fears that in
>   multistakeholderism, those who would be lobbyists become
>   legislators, and nobody else has a vote. Lehto states that "In a
>   democracy, it is a scandal when lobbyists have so much influence
>   that they write the drafts of laws. But in multistakeholder
>   situations they take that scandal to a whole new level: those who
>   would be lobbyists in a democracy (corporations, experts, civil
>   society) become the legislators themselves, and dispense with all
>   public elections and not only write the laws but pass them, enforce
>   them, and in some cases even set up courts of arbitration that are
>   usually conditioned on waiving the right to go to the court system
>   set up by democracies. A vote is just a minimum requirement of
>   justice. Without a vote, law is just force inflicted by the wealthy
>   and powerful. Multistakeholderism is a coup d’etat against democracy
>   by those who would merely be lobbyists in a democratic system.
> https://en.wikipedia.org/w/index.php?title=Multistakeholder_governance_model&diff=768793583&oldid=750897618
> Sound familiar?
> It doesn't even touch upon how those lobbyist/legislators are chosen
> except by implication.
> Sometimes summarized as:
>   Multistakeholderism: A governance structure of, by, and for the
>   lobbyists.

It would be harsh to criticize the multi-stakeholder model in such strong
terms. In this phase of evolution there are imbalances, yes. But could be
effectively addressed as we progress.

Sivasubramanian M

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