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Dear At-large community,
I would like to thank you for the trust and the rich experience that I went
through during my 2 years term at the NomCom.

Reading Anriette update as a NomCom delegate for the NCUC, I wouldn't have
written my experience in a better or nicer way. Hence I would like to thank
Anriette for allowing me to share her piece with AT-LARGE community.

I aslo happy to provide any further questions to new  ALAC delegates to the

Best wishes
Nadira AL-Araj

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From: Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org>
Date: Thu, Jun 27, 2019, 15:44
Subject: Re: [NCUC-DISCUSS] NomCom update

Dear all

My term on NomCom has come to an end. In the next month or so you will be
informed of the results of the efforts of the 2019 NomCom. While the
results will hold some disappointment for some excellent candidates who did
not make it, I believe that our selections overall will add value and
diversity (particularly diversity in terms of experience, background,
perspective and region) to ICANN. I also think we struck a good balance
between continuity on the one hand, and new people/ideas/perspectives on
the other.

{snip...} ...

to share more about the experience and workload. Bruna already shared the
criteria. I copy them below, and add a few additional thoughts.

*Experience:* What is not mentioned explicitly in the official criteria is
how valuable board experience is. If you have served on boards, even if
they are not like the ICANN board which has a far heavier workload than
most boards, that helps a lot. Experience in recruitment is even more
valuable in my view. If you have worked with recruitment processes
(particularly ones that have to adhere to labour law that demands fairness
in recruitment procedure) that helps a lot. Having experience in
interviewing people is also very helpful.

*Knowledge of ICANN:* You do need good knowledge of ICANN overall,
particularly of the specific role and characteristics of the leadership
roles that NomCom recruits for and of the unique role of NomCom - remember
NomCom is note the only mechanism for finding people for leadership roles.
My knowledge of ICANN was good overall but limited by the limitations of my
experience in ICANN and not nearly as 'insider' or detailed as that of many
others in this space. During my first term I had to work hard to fill the
'depth' gap in my knowledge of how ICANN works. Fortunately this was not
hard. There is a lot of material to read, and people to talk to and learn
from. Being on NomCom has been a really good learning experience for me.

*Time required:* Between the March and June meetings you probably need to
dedicate an average of about 22 hours a week. That includes calls, the
face-to-face meetings mentioned below as well as an online intersessional
and the work you do on your own reviewing candidates and work done with
others on interviewing candidates and follow up on references.  This does
not include time traveling or getting visas (which, as those who need to
get them know, can be significant). Prior to that you have to attend
meetings and calls and do outreach, meet with members of the community and
work on various NomCom committees but the volume of time needed is less.

*Attitude:* Be open to learn and listen to others. Have the confidence to
disagree and question in a constructive manner. Be able to ask for help
when you need it. Put ICANN's overall interest first, as opposed to that of
a particularly stakeholder group or constituency. If you don't have a clear
understanding of what ICANN's overall interest is at the particular time
that NomCom is doing its work, then think about it, read, and talk to
people; having clarity in your own mind about this is important, even if
your individual understanding might vary a bit from that of others. Always
maintain critical thinking and an analytical understanding of the specifics
of the ICANN multistakeholder model and the current status of its
development (or evolution) and the expectations it has to meet.

I am available to any candidate for NCUC NomCom appointee who has further



Delegates to the ICANN Nominating Committee shall be:

1. Accomplished persons of integrity, objectivity, and intelligence, with
reputations for sound judgment and open minds, and with experience and
competence with collegial large group decision-making;

2. Persons with wide contacts, broad experience in the Internet community,
and a commitment to the success of ICANN;

3. Persons whom the selecting body is confident will consult widely and
accept input in carrying out their responsibilities;

4. Persons who are neutral and objective, without any fixed personal
commitments to particular individuals, organizations, or commercial
objectives in carrying out their Nominating Committee responsibilities;

5. Persons with an understanding of ICANN's mission and the potential
impact of ICANN's activities on the broader Internet community who are
willing to serve as volunteers, without compensation other than the
reimbursement of certain expenses; and

6. Persons who are able to work and communicate in written and spoken

Other criteria (retrieved from the Nominating Committee email):


   Eligibility Exception - No person who is an employee of or paid a
   consultant to ICANN (including the Ombudsman) shall simultaneously serve in
   any of the Nominating Committee positions as described in Article 8,
   Section 8.2 of ICANN’s Bylaws (

   The person should be able to join monthly teleconferences (typically
   15:00 or 16:00 UTC).  Note that the committee's workload will increase
   significantly during Apr/May/June 2020 when the candidate assessment
   process will be at its busiest. Conference calls are held more frequently
   (typically weekly and the duration of the calls may last up to 3 hours)
   during this time as well.

   The person should be willing to work in a large, consensus-oriented

   All 2020 NomCom members should be able to attend the following ICANN
   meetings (travel and hotel accommodations will be provided for all

      ICANN66 | Montréal, Canada: 2-7 November 2019 (1st official meeting
      of 2020 NomCom)

      ICANN67 | Cancún, Mexico: 7-12 March 2020 (outreach and training

      Intersessional | (Location tentative - Los Angeles, United States):
      TBD April 2020 (assessment meeting)

      ICANN68 | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: 22-25 June 2020 (selection meeting)

As you gather from the criteria above, it is very important that the
applicants for this position be active members of NCUC, involved with ICANN
and its various working groups and show proven interest in NCUC work and
understand the dynamics of ICANN and groups existing within ICANN.

Anriette Esterhuysen
Senior advisor on internet governance, policy advocacy and strategic planning
Association for Progressive Communicationsapc.orgafrisig.organriette at apc.org

On Thu, May 30, 2019 at 8:36 PM Anriette Esterhuysen <anriette at apc.org>

> Dear all
> Another NomCom cycle is nearing its end. NomCom has just completed a
> series of online intersessional meetings - three four-hour long calls - and
> we have come up with the finalised list of candidates for open ICANN
> leadership positions. Between now and Marrakesh we will follow up with
> candidates' references, and prepare for the final selection process which
> will take place in Marrakesh during ICANN65.
> At the close of the application period in late March, NomCom had received
> 127 applications in total: 56 from Africa; 35 from Asia Pacific; 13 from
> Europe; 21
> from Latin America and the Caribbean; and 2 from North America. There were
> 42 female and 85 male applicants. Several applicants applied for more than
> one position. The low number of NA candidates is simply a result of the
> fact that the complement of board members from North America is full at
> present and we were not appointing anyone for ALAC from NA in this round.
> The gender breakdown is disappointing. In my view addressing this should be
> given serious consideration by future NomComs. The 2018 figures looked
> better.
> At an intersessional meeting in Los Angeles from 10-13 April NomCom
> members reviewed and discussed each of the 128 applications and produced a
> long list of 58 candidates. From late April to mid-May applicants we took
> another close look at candidates' applications and background material, and
> conducted voice with all of them.
> The final list consists of a total of 24 shortlisted candidates in total
> for all the positions: Board, PTI Board; GNSO; ccNSO; ALAC-Africa;
> ALAC-Asia Pacific; ALAC Latin American and the Caribbean. The number of
> candidates per position varies from 7 to 2.  As I said above, we will
> finalise our selections in Marrakesh, including interviewing Board and PTI
> Board candidates face-to-face. The public announcement of the final
> selection, however, will only be made from late August to September.
> I am very happy to report that we had excellent candidates - that is not
> new of course. However, what is particularly rewarding is that we also had
> excellent candidates from Africa which indicates we manage to respond
> effectively to a challenge identified in 2018. There is also good diversity
> in the shortlist from the perspective of insiders vs. outsiders, and the
> background and experience of candidates.
> Below is a reminder of the 2019 NomCom Timeline. I also attach the May
> 2019 NomCom update.
> Finally, my second term on NomCom is coming to an end. This means it is
> time for NCUC to identify someone new. I am available to share information
> about the workload and skills needed with anyone who  is interested.
> Thanks again to the NCUC for appointing me and to NCUC leadership for
> their support. It has been very positive experience. I have learnt more
> about ICANN than in the previous 20 years :) It is hard work, frustrating
> at times, but rewarding to see how a group of very diverse individuals can
> work together effectively to produce what I trust will again be an
> impressive group of people that will add value to ICANN.
> Thank you also to NomCom leadership: Damon Ashcraft (chair), Jay Sudowski
> (incoming chair) and Zahid Jamil (outgoing chair) for creating a very
> constructive and respectful work environment. As for the ICANN staff
> support team, they have been excellent. We would never be able to do this
> without them.
> Sincere regards
> Anriette Esterhuysen
> 2019 NomCom Timeline:
> -----------------------------
> Anriette Esterhuysen
> Senior advisor on internet governance, policy advocacy and strategic planning
> Association for Progressive Communicationsapc.orgafrisig.organriette at apc.org
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