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Fri Jun 28 19:03:19 UTC 2019

Re: governance

Besides better accountability connections to the internet population
what ICANN generally lacks is:

1. A better "constitution", something beyond relying on interpreting
the phrase "security and stability of the internet" (the by-laws) over
and over

2. A commitment to /stare decisis/ rather than mostly making it up on
each new problem with at best casual reference to precedence.

3. Something like a truly independent judiciary to review claims that
policies etc were violated or inconsistently followed beyond various
ad hoc tribunals which tend to be composed of people with conflicts of
interest or people subject to aspirations within ICANN.

A ray of light did enter during the .XXX approval process where an
external, independent board (of 3 as I recall) were formed to provide
the board with an opinion. There are probably other examples but it
needs to be codified rather than occur at the pleasure of the board et

        -Barry Shein

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