[At-Large] Day tour outside of Morocco on Sunday 21 June.

Aziz Hilali hilaliaziz at yahoo.fr
Tue May 21 10:13:21 UTC 2019

Thank you Holly
For those of you who will be taking a few days before or after the meeting, here is some useful information :

The hotels on Boulevard Mohamed IV are generally verygood. They are the most convenient for visiting the city. They are next to theshops and not far from the Medina. 

Taxis are not expensive. If drivers refuse to puttheir meter, refuse and wait for another taxi (it happens all the time).Otherwise negotiate the price before going up. An average run from Ave MohamedVI to the Medina must not exceed MAD 30 (Moroccan Currency) with a legalsurcharge of 50% per night.
Those who want to take a Hotel near the meeting site,there are two or three: Hotel Ennakhil or Wazo Hotel (cheaper) or Ibis.If you have specific questions, do not hesitate to write me individually or on the group.

Best RegardsAziz


    Le mardi 21 mai 2019 à 02:39:58 UTC, Holly Raiche <h.raiche at internode.on.net> a écrit :  

I will arrive in Marrakech. Saturday 22 June.  That leaves all day Sunday for the sights.

I know Roberto and his wife are headed to the music festival that is being held Essaouira before the meeting.  I had originally hoped to go as well, but the 22nd is the last day of the music festival and Aziz suggested it probably wouldn’t be the best use of my time to go for a day only.  Instead, Aziz gave me the name of a person who manages tours, including a day tour into the Atlas Mountains, add Berber villages, waterfalls, etc.  Should be great.  And there is room for one more - we could probably negotiate more is anyone else is interested.

So anyone interested - let me know and we can arrange for a day into the mountains etc for Sunday.



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