[At-Large] Congratulations!

Lito Ibarra lito at ibarra.sv
Mon May 6 11:11:32 UTC 2019


Well deserved!
Your consistent and dedicated work for your countries, region and the
world, is also an example for future generations, and this is a form of
recognizing it.

> *Seven technology pioneers honoured for contribution to Caribbean Internet
> governance *https://spiceislander.com/?p=14373.
> Congratulations to Jacqueline Morris, Carlton Samuels, Dev Anand
> Teelucksingh, and Lance Hinds.
> It is great to see your years of effort recognized.
> Alan
"Tomo lo bueno, no importa de quién venga; desecho lo malo, no importa de
quién venga"
"El amor y el odio afectan más profundamente a quien lo profesa que a quien
lo recibe"
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