[At-Large] Say Whut!

Johan Helsingius julf at julf.com
Mon Dec 17 10:08:40 UTC 2018

On 17-12-18 08:36, Evan Leibovitch wrote:

> ALAC is not civil society and doesn't try to be. Indeed I had at times
> been involved in instances in which ALAC's sense of the public interest
> -- based on its communities' feedback -- coincided more with the
> positions of governments (ie, the GAC) than with ICANN's own civil
> society presence (ie, the NCUC).

I think a good current example is the EPDP (on the Temporary
Specification for gTLD Registration Data) that has been characterized
as a battle between the "Surveillance Caucus" (IPC, BC, GAC, SSAC and
ALAC) and the "Privacy Caucus" (RySG, RrSG, ISPCP and NCSG), both
sides claiming to represent the interests of users/consumers.


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