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Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond ocl at gih.com
Sat Dec 15 13:24:15 UTC 2018

Dear Nenad,

On 15/12/2018 13:01, Nenad Marinkovic wrote:
> And I do not know why we should talk who is more efficient ,
> individuals or ALS, we should be on the same side, don’t we? So, fight
> with ICANN for getting better position, not within ALAC

Exactly! One decision that came out of the At-Large Review is that all
ALSes should accept individual members, and indeed they now do, and this
is growing fast. The other message we are sharing in EURALO is that we
do not only wish involvement from the official ALS representative, but
from any other interested individuals in the ALS - thus the focus is
much more on individuals. Same for the forthcoming third At-Large
Summit: it is the individuals that are busy in At-Large that will be
invited to apply to attend - whether they are from an ALS or independent
of an ALS.

The debate about At-Large's short term future is past. This has taken
place during the At-Large Review. Now what we need to do is to work
together to strengthen our community and get more influence in ICANN,
whether in PDPs, CCWG and at Board level - and, dare I say, by also
joining forces with like-minded other sub-communities in ICANN.
Sometimes we might align with some of our friends on some topics and be
on opposite sides of the argument for other topics. What matters is that
our policy processes need to function and produce tangible outputs that
reflect the view of end users out there, even if these views might on
occasion be unpopular with some other parts of ICANN.
Kindest regards,

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