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We are trying in Belgrade/Serbia to push IG dialog. Our experience is that academic discussion is not interested for users, they prefer practical issues, hot topics like e-payment, bitcoins, on line protection, while business users are interested for their part of business (intellectual property rights , illegal trading on line) and they like live multi-stakeholder discussion. Recently, two or three weeks ago we managed to organize 2h IG session, first hour we had people who are experienced with IG capable to explain  what is ICANN, IGF, EuroDIG, topics etc. In second hour we talked about digital gap, education, on line trading, ethic and on line behavior and 2 hours were short, almost nobody of thirty visitor did not leave event and all of them signed initiative for establishing regular IG dialogue. Now we are planning to send this initiative to all stakeholders etc.


I want to say that ICANN and At Large have  to decide if experts are target or users, or both. Strategies or tactics  are different and of course we have to come closer to users. It seems to me that most of people involved in ICANN and At Large stay to far from users , reasons are different and I don’t want to elaborate about this. Answer is simple, every stakeholder has its own interests and view. ICANN and At Large have to  keep global view and help to all stake holders to participate,  specially to users and to adopt discussion to that level. Through this entry level, lot of users will find useful answers and some of them will continue to participate in ICANN.


Maybe I do not understand well what IG is, but for me it is the life governance and life is theory and practice, background and front. I understand that user experience all around the world is not the same, so topics will be different or discussion level will be different. 


Or maybe ICANN is corporation… just like registries and registrars. In that case there is no difference if we are on line or off line.






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I would certainly echo Suzannah's point. Here in Ottawa we are also trying to build our community on the ground.  It is happening but slowly -- one person/group at a time. One just has to keep at it. But the ability to broaden our reach with technology is crucial. We don't have the funds to do a traveling road show. Not everyone is an ISOC chapter -- so ICANN needs to make tools like Livestream  available to all groups and individuals in At Large who are doing outreach. 


On 12/13/2018 12:27 PM, Susannah Gray wrote:


On 13/12/2018 00:51, Joly MacFie wrote:

>  ALSes as a conduit to their members


Slowly but surely, at least here in NYC, the Readout program appears fruitful in this aspect.

- And in San Francisco. As an ALS (San Francisco Bay Area ISOC Chapter) we keep our members informed through the Readouts and through updates about key ICANN issues on our website/in the Chapter newsletters. 

However getting our members to actually participate is a tough call, mainly because it's quite hard to 'sell' At-Large and even harder for those with little background knowledge of ICANN to get up to speed quickly enough to be able to participate effectively. 



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