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Christian de Larrinaga cdel at firsthand.net
Tue Nov 27 08:08:14 UTC 2018

But ICANN was never in a position to regulate businesses. It has no
local jurisdiction as a public regulator anywhere, even in the US where
it is registered as a not for profit corporation in California.

ICANN did start out with people arguing to focus on the interests of the
network edge by placing users at the core of its remit but it rather
quickly dumped that and became an "industry" forum that has been carving
up ICANN's access to the root server system and essentially tax users by
forcing the world through an intermediary structure of their own design
that users have no effective say over.

What has amazed me is how relaxed regulators around the world have been
to imposition of a tax system on their citizens that has restricted
access to DNS (which is a public resource of the Internet) domain names
and pushed users into depending on application vendor walled gardens for
obtaining name identifiers.


Olivier MJ Crépin-Leblond wrote:
> Dear Carlton,
> On 17/11/2018 23:28, Carlton Samuels wrote:
>> You couldn't make this up as a racket- a perfect one! - and remain at
>> large, pun intended.  Just wish I was hip to it before now.
> I have heard this accusation from ICANN critics for many years and
> personally do not subscribe to describe it in such a way.
> However, in recent times, including speaking to Global IGF and UK IGF
> participants who were not involved in ICANN, it appears that following
> President Macron's call for more regulation, many European
> stakeholders are saying that if ICANN is unable to assume regulation
> of Registry and Registrar contracts in order to protect consumers,
> European countries should introduce local legislation to regulate the
> industry. Sad as it may be, not many people trust ICANN to do anything
> and more and more consumers consider regulation as a good thing.
> Kindest regards,
> Olivier
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