[At-Large] U.S. Government follows up on “cooling off period” idea for ICANN employees

Carlos Raul Gutierrez carlosraul at gutierrez.se
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He is just joining Fadi on the largest portfolio of new gTLDs.

They didn't purchase Verisign....

On October 30, 2018 12:52:06 PM CST, Vanda Scartezini <vanda at scartezini.org> wrote:
>Dear Carlton , all
>Though ICANN is a private organization and could do whatever it want ,
>at the same time it has a peculiar position as a “ regulatory” entity
>and as such higher level employees has access to quite confidential
>aspects of concurrent business and once out of ICANN joining just one
>of these companies with the knowledge of all in the market is quite an
>unfair situation and on my opinion would demand some quarantine of at
>least6 months as is normally demanded for high level government
>Vanda Scartezini
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