[At-Large] NTIA Report to U.S Congress

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Mon Oct 15 19:12:10 UTC 2018

A highlight from the report:

".......  *NTIA, engaging directly with ICANN as well as through the
Governmental Advisory Committee (GAC), aggressively worked to maintain the
ability for law enforcement, cybersecurity practitioners, intellectual
property rights holders, and other users to access WHOIS information in a
timely manner. This is to a certain extent reflected in the Temporary
Specification, which maintains the requirement for registries and
registrars to continue collecting WHOIS information as well as make access
to now redacted information “reasonably” available. NTIA supported ICANN
taking action to keep the WHOIS service working, but has made clear in
remarks within the GAC that while the Temporary Specification is necessary,
it is not sufficient, as it does not clearly articulate how WHOIS users are
to be allowed access to this data in a predictable fashion....... NTIA
volunteered to be one of three GAC representatives to the EPDP and is
working over 30 hours a week to ensure that the future specification
balances data protection with the needs to access WHOIS information for
legitimate and lawful purposes.*"


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