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Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Wed Oct 3 01:04:28 UTC 2018

Hi all.
Please find below some notes about the APTLD-74 meeting that I have attended a couple of weeks ago - see http://www.aptld74.uz<http://www.aptld74.uz/>.
I have been invited as partner organization to this event, that celebrates the 20th anniversary of APTLD. I presented the attached slide deck, and spoke mainly about the MoU signed a few years ago between APRALO and APTLD as well as about the potential areas for collaboration.
The AP ccTLD community has huge experience on IDN, and I do believe that we could find synergies between their technical competence as operators and our approach about user needs. Another item is the underserved regions. On both topics there have been presentations and reports in the course of the meeting.
Another issue, that however I have not raised in that context as it was out of scope, is how to extend the collaboration and to sign an MoU in other regions.
I believe that we can exploit this potential, but we need to address specific issues rather than a generic “political” statement - and the two areas of collaboration that I have mentioned could be evaluated further, not only in AP.
Among the other sessions and contributions, may I mention the huge effort that Uzbekistan is doing to improve the infrastructure - I was impressed by the speaker.  Also interesting were the reports from the Members, in particular those with special connectivity problems like Vanuatu, and the already mentioned sessions on IDN and Universal Acceptance.
Best regards,

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