[At-Large] A brexit problem that I heard about

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Mon Aug 20 11:09:07 UTC 2018

Hi Barry.
You might have a point in principle.
However the reality is that each TLD can decide its own rules, and therefore whether to be strict in terms of requirements - like for instance .bank - or loose - like for instance .com.
.eu has chosen the first approach, and has all right to do so. Whether EURID is willing to make an exception for Brexit - based also on the consideration that, as far as I know, they do not make continuous checking about whether the resistant still complies with the requirements - or not, I don’t know. Apparently not.

On 17.08.2018, at 19:31, bzs at theworld.com wrote:

Ok I'll say it...

How many of these affected *.EU domains were actually entities with
some sort of EU charter or relationship as the TLD was approved for in

I realize it's naive to point out that .NET was for networking
organizations and .ORG for not-for-profits etc. in a world where we
have .XYZ and .FAIL (must they really be FAILures?)

Ok that ship has sailed because no one wanted to enforce it as it
would interfere with maximazing domain sales in those TLDs.

But are we really supposed to get lathered up about those who now got
burned flouting all that?

What promise do those affected actually expect to be upheld? Chapter
and verse not "well, we assumed..."?

And, no, marching out one or two bona-fide examples doesn't quite rise
to a counter argument.

If there were only one or two or ten I'll guess they could be handled
since they would have always had a legitimae reason to represent
themselves with a .EU domain which one would hope would allow them
some explicit accommodation.

      -Barry Shein

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