[At-Large] IDN Variants in the market place

bzs at theworld.com bzs at theworld.com
Fri Jul 20 20:12:01 UTC 2018

The full character permutation set is daunting.

How about simplified versus traditional Chinese? Or Chinese vs
Japanese? Who knows what potential mischief lurks in the world's
character sets?

Which leads to the closely related problem of domains which contain
semantically equivalent but visually different characters.

In ASCII and Latin-1 we have upper/lower case so just naturally treat
example.com and EXAMPLE.COM identically in the DNS.

How does that concept extend to other character sets? I believe there
are collisions between Arabic and Farsi, for example, or I once sat in
on someone who seemed knowledgeable talking about this and how
it affects domain uniqueness.

Dennis Jennings worked on this, there were committees and coffee!

        -Barry Shein

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