[At-Large] IDN Variants in the market place

Andrei Kolesnikov andrei at rol.ru
Fri Jul 20 07:36:55 UTC 2018

Which charset it is? Cyrillic or something else?

чт, 19 июля 2018 г. в 13:21, Sivasubramanian M <6.Internet at gmail.com>:

> Please take a look at the attached screenshot of a domainer's offer to
> sell single character IDNs, for instance an IDN variant (lookalike) of the
> ASCII character X, which sets a harmful trend. This is an issue if
> confusability.
> I understand that the Registries (are required to?) maintain a list of
> harmful names for their TLDs, but there is no common minimal list of
> harmful names. One possible way to achieve this is for the Registries, at
> least in the ASCII space, to volunteer to feed their respective list of
> harmful names into a common Registry Stakeholder database, and then draw up
> a common minimum list of harmful domain names that any Registry could avoid
> registering.
> If At-Large could shape this as a workable suggestion, it could formally
> go to the Registry Stakeholders.
> Sivasubramanian M
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