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Tue Jul 17 18:08:21 UTC 2018

"Individual vote" is a red herring. I assume we've all heard of
representative democracy structures.

For example the justices on the US supreme court are not elected.

But they are each nominated by the president who is popularly elected
(more or less), and require approval of the senate and senators are
popularly elected.

The game-theoretic point is whether or not there is any (useful) path
between the policy development and approval process back to
individuals, not that the path is direct.

I'd say right now with ICANN there is no such path.

There isn't even a plausible market-based path as one might have with

For example if you don't like some company's policies perhaps organize
a boycott.

But since ICANN is in effect a global monopoly and registries
generally operate TLDs as monopolies on that TLD it's just not a
realistic scenario even if one could imagine some hypothetical market

And this certainly shouldn't be the only path to influence.

Also, corporations which are public have shareholders and shareholder
votes, etc. and it's not unheard of for those shareholders to, for
example, sack their board or members of their board.

I'll assert this is a problem in ICANN's governance structure.

Let's not just argue for the sake of arguing. There might be a very
real problem here.

        -Barry Shein

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