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Agree with both John and Christopher.
The reports on Competition, Consumer choice and Trust was supposed to
give us a good picture on those aspects of the outcomes of the new
gTLD program and, so some extend, there are some answers, but there
are also a lot of blanks.  And yes, it would be good to see a final
analysis of the new gTLDs.
But then ALAC has, for some time, said we would like to see final
results of the first round before anything more happens.....

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	Dear John: 

	Thankyou. In so far as your feelings about the new gTLDs mirror those
of others, I agree. However, as a 'facts-based' economist I would
really like to see a statistical report from ICANN about the results,
business and otherwise, of the 2012 programme. 

It is not reassuring that GNSO is going so far down the road towards
the 'next round' in the absence of a serious appraisal of the results
of the previous round. 

> I've seen no evidence to date that new gTLD usage is approaching
that of legacy gTLDs or ccTLDs nor evidence that this is likely to

	Well, depending on your definition of the 'legacy', with one major

	Best regards 

	cw at christopherwilkinson.eu El 14 de julio de 2018 a las 16:08 John
Laprise  escribió:

My two cents:
 The failure if new gTLDs is only a concern to ICANN and at large to
the extent that it negatively impacts the security and stability (S&S)
of the internet. A minority of end users are interested in acquiring a
new gTLD and for them, we want to make the process simple and
straightforward while not endangering S&S.  
 I've seen no evidence to date that new gTLD usage is approaching that
of legacy gTLDs or ccTLDs nor evidence that this is likely to change.
New gTLDs are the narrow tip of the TLD long tail distribution. End
user trust/habit will likely continue to preference more well
established (older) TLDs rather than new ones. Their likely failure
and aggregation if anything should be anticipated. If anything, ICANN
should have recourse to reclaim new gTLDs that are acquired but lie
fallow and go unused (owner of new gTLD fails to execute their
business plan) and make them available to others. ICANN should
discourage new gTLD squatting.  
 The failure of new gTLDs for business reasons is frankly not ICANN's
or at large's concern. In this sense ICANN needn't gave rounds for new
gTLDs but rather have an ongoing process that enables new gTLD
granting/creation in an ongoing basis along with evaluation if those
granted to determine their utilization. I'd throw open the doors with
the admonition that new gTLDs aren't guaranteed to
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