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Joly MacFie joly at punkcast.com
Wed Jul 4 13:12:09 UTC 2018

 The GMIGF was a little slow getting going, due to a last minute venue
change, plus torrential rain. It is now wonderful, thanks to local tv
providing an AV feed. Some very spirited back and forth!


<https://livestream.com/InternetSociety3/gmigf2018>On *Wed/Thur 4-5 July
2018*, *The Gambia National Internet Governance Forum
<http://www.gmigf.gm/>* is taking place in Serrekunda, The Gambia with the
theme “Internet Governance in The New Gambia”. The Internet Governance
Forum serves to bring people together from various stakeholder groups as
equals, in discussions on public policy issues related to the Internet. The
Forum is being organized to represent all key stakeholders in the Gambia
through a National Steering Committee coordinated by the *Ministry of
Information and Communication Infrastructure
 (MOICI). The Forum was initiated in late 2009, after the start of the West
African Internet Governance forum. Since 2010 the Gambia has hosted three
National Internet Governance forums, the last being in 2012. Due to the
restrictive nature of the former regime, the National IGF was halted after
its 3rd edition. The reasons were lack of open access to internet resources
and an enabling environment where freedom of expression was respected.
Since the coming into office of the new government in January 2017, the
Gambia re-joined the community of democratic nations where freedom of
expression and civil liberties are fully respected. Everyone is welcome to
join to discuss key Internet policy issues that affect The New Gambia. The
event is being webcast live on the *Internet Society Livestream Channel
<https://livestream.com/InternetSociety3/gmigf2018>*. Serrekunda is WAT
(UTC+1) 5 hours ahead of NYC.

*View on Livestream: https://livestream.com/InternetSociety3/gmigf2018/
<http://bit.ly/2MJx105>Facebook simulcast: ISOC GM
<https://www.facebook.com/isocgambiachapter/> | GMIGF
Africa <https://www.facebook.com/ISOCAfrica/>Twitter:
#gmigf2018 http://bit.ly/gmigf2018
<http://bit.ly/gmigf2018> #gmigf http://bit.ly/gmigf <http://bit.ly/gmigf>*



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