[At-Large] Universal Acceptance

Roberto Gaetano roberto_gaetano at hotmail.com
Mon Apr 30 17:44:17 UTC 2018

Hi all.
As most of you know, I have been always pushing for Universal Acceptance, including the deployment of IDN TLDs. I strongly believe that this is one of the game changers for reaching out to the next billion Internet users and giving equal opportunities for enjoying the benefits of online communication.
There will be a working session at EuroDIG (https://www.eurodig.org<https://www.eurodig.org/>) on this topic on Wednesday 6 June - see the full programme at https://eurodigwiki.org/wiki/Consolidated_programme_2018. I have been appointed focal point for the session, and will therefore coordinate participation. I wonder whether there are any former Directors that are either directly interested or could indicate people within their respective networks who are interested in participating to the discussion on this topic and/or joining the session in Tbilisi.
The first step would be to join the EuroDIG-WS6 mailing list, where the session on Universal Acceptance is being prepared. Instructions for joining can be found at the WS6 info page (https://list.eurodig.org/mailman/listinfo/ws6). Please feel free to contact me for further information.

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