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Fri Dec 8 18:19:27 UTC 2017

If I may annoy at least one or two people...

Network neutrality really has many potential dimensions. Unfortunately
the FCC and surrounding discussion seems to ignore that. Too
complicated I suppose.

But for example in a non-neutral network why not throttle or otherwise
impede, or conversely prefer, certain DNS responses according to one's
competitive advantage?

We seem to keep returning to this intertubes mental model, that the
issue is the size of the tubes and who gets access to each tube and
why but otherwise what's trying to get through that tube is largely
neutral. Why believe that?

Non-neutrality can affect just about every layer in the cake and apps,
and more, one can fool around with BGP and use deep packet inspection
to give preferential treatment to certain specific content.

You go to load your favorite news page and it just sits there for 90
seconds, every time, waiting for a DNS response, because your provider
would prefer you load their favorite news page.

Sure, one could work around that, one could work around everything,
one could build their own internet from the ground up! So let's not go
there as most people can't or won't and, besides, what a waste of
human capital that would be let alone the potential business harm to
thus disadvantaged sites.

        -Barry Shein

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