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Since I have no dog in this fight - no financial interests, rather
purely altruistic from a *global *perspective and as thus not

This is an issue local to the USA.  The world does not end on US
shores. The US population only makes out something like 4.5% of the
world population. This is a global list.

While what your say may have relevance in your geographical area, it
does not belong on this list as this is not ICANN's remit as was
explained. As such, by the time your message reaches halfway around
the world, it translates to nothing more than noise on this list.

Please find an appropriate forum using the appropriate mechanisms to
address this.



On 2017-12-07 04:58 AM, William Michael Cunningham wrote:
> This, really, is the question. 
> The answer is so clear that attempts to deny the relevance of this
> policy MUST give rise to questions about interest and compromise. I
> suppose one should question the more aggressive discussants about
> their financial position relative to any benefit that might accrue
> to them, their clients or their employers from higher internet
> access fees and lower internet access and reliability for the
> majority of the poor and people of color in the geographic regions
> affected. Or, it may simply be a cultural issue. If your income is
> higher than the income for the average human being living on earth
> today, you might be in a privileged (compromised ) position
> financially, and thus unable to fully understand the impact this
> proposed policy will have. (Note that I fall into that category. My
> experience and perspective simply gives me an awareness that others,
> apparently, lack.)
> Calls for "proof" are an old trick, since there is no proof that
> would suffice for those requesting it. The request for proof is
> itself irrelevant, since the question does not concern what policy
> stance ICANN should take relative to NN, but, rather, a rational
> recognition that, according to the stated goals of the organization,
> this FCC policy WILL have an impact. The honest thing to do is to
> describe and prepare for that impact is it relates to the broader
> social (access, diversity, income) goals of the organization, not to
> retreat behind a narrow interpretation of the duties and obligations
> of this organization. 
> On Wed, Dec 6, 2017 at 7:53 PM, Sivasubramanian M
> <isolatedn at gmail.com <mailto:isolatedn at gmail.com>> wrote:
>     John, 
>     Are you saying that it is none of ICANN's concern what happens
>     to the Internet?
>     Sivasubramanian M
>     On Dec 5, 2017 8:31 AM, "John R. Levine" <johnl at iecc.com
>     <mailto:johnl at iecc.com>> wrote:
>             Interesting. Suggest you look again.
>         Thanks for confirming that we have both looked at each of
>         the 125 paragraphs of the FCC's recent order, as well as
>         Appendices A and B, and the statements of the various
>         commissioners and we agree that there is nothing affecting
>         the operation of the Internet's identfiers that would be
>         relevant to ICANN.
>         R's,
>         John
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