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On 06.12.2017, at 22:41, Evan Leibovitch <evan at telly.org<mailto:evan at telly.org>> wrote:
PS: Calling those of us who oppose this nonsense "financially compromised", without evidence, constitutes personal attack. I request an apology or I will escalate this violation.

Why do you care?
This thread reminds me of the old Jeff Williams days - once every attempt has been made to bring the discussion on a rational level, where questions are asked and properly answered, there is no point to argue further.
We all on this list know you (at least the financially compromised and fearful folks like me and the other non-minority folks) and respect you regardless whether we have same or different ideas on specific points.
As a former Chair of the DNSO GA, my advice is to let the personal attacks pass by and fade into irrelevance, and save your much appreciated keystrokes for more important issues.

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