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Thanks John.  I’m convinced this is not an ICANN remit issue.

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El dic. 4, 2017, a la(s) 11:37 p. m., John R. Levine <johnl at iecc.com> escribió:

> In the unlikely event that anyone's still interested, the FCC's new order only mentions the DNS in three places, in paragraphs 28, 29, and 37.  The context is that ISPs often run a DNS cache as an ancillary service, and it asks what difference it would make if they didn't, presumably directing their users to a third party service like or  While that's a semi-interesting question in trying to decide whether ISPs are a telecom or enhanced service, it has, as I've repeatedly pointed out, nothing to do with ICANN and its oversight of domain name management.
> IP addresses are mentioned in paragraph 29, as what the DNS translates names to, and in Commisioner Clyburn's comments in passing in a discussion about what counts as a CMRS (mobile phone service) amd a few places indirectly in that ISPs sometiems do NAT (local IP address translation.) Again, semi-interesting in context, but nothing to do with anything ICANN does.
> So again, why are we even talking about this in an ICANN forum?  I'll stop now.
> R's,
> John
> PS: I guess the message here is that if someone can't tell you what parts of a document he's read, you can safely assume he hasn't read it.
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