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Thu Nov 2 16:22:37 UTC 2017

Thanks for sharing, Derek.

The discovery process should provide very useful information that may
buttress recommendations made in the CCT RT Report.


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On Thu, Nov 2, 2017 at 8:32 AM, Derek Smythe <derek at aa419.org> wrote:

> Worthwhile sharing as this touches on the heart of published ICANN
> policies:
> https://wtop.com/animals-pets/2017/10/delta-probe-uncovers-
> criminal-scheme-to-scam-pet-owners/
> This investigation will lead to mass abuse of domains, used to defraud
> thousands of people. Steve Baker of the US Better Business Bureau also
> did an international investigation and uncovered a massive can of
> worms. He addressed the pet scam side of it here:
> https://www.bbb.org/puppyscam/
> Essentially the pet scam has trashed the legitimate portion of the pet
> sales sector of the internet. This despite the relevant registrars
> being made aware of the malicious domains with fake registration
> details and/or proxy abuse. It even led to one unsuccessful Compliance
> complaint, not really looked at by Compliance and closed where the
> registrar blatantly lied to protect themselves, despite whois data
> clearly belying said registrar's claims of innocence.
> If certain registrars had really applied policies and lived up to it,
> we would not have seen the scourge of illegal activities and gross
> violation of third party rights in actionable harm.
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