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thanks for the note. Please convey to Cherine wishes that he find winds that favor his best service to ICANN in its stewardship function and navigating the new environment of the post-transition Board. The Directors who have been designated recently and/or who took part in the organizational redesign are about to test the effects of the redesign.

I join Olivier most emphatically in his words of alarm on the .HOME, .CORP and .MAIL applications. The reasons the SSAC has had to advice against moving forward with them are solid. The SSAC has been too polite in expressing this advice diplomatically. The wreckage to come cannot be compensated enough by the name-collision procedures.

Please make sure you are knowledgeable about what has been happening with other collision-prone names already and remember that you are a technical coordination body, stewards of the stability and scalability of the only centrally coordinated resources of the Internet, and not the Office of Business Development of the County of Domainia.

As a Board you are still liable for all developments, despite the circling of wagons of the SO/AC's created by the CCWG design, who are exempt.

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Thanks Leon!

Two comments:

"An update to the Board on the background of .HOME, .CORP and .MAIL applications, where the organization shared the current status of the applications, followed by a discussion of the possible options available to the Board given the requests of the applicants to move the applications forward."

Oh no! I thought the SSAC's advice was "don't do it!" and the ALAC advice was "don't do it!"
Will the ICANN Board ever learn to say "no" to a potentially contracted party?

On the election - congratulations go to Cherine (Chair) and Chris (Vice Chair)!


On 27/09/2017 00:17, León Felipe Sánchez Ambía wrote:
Dear all,

It’s just been published a blog post by Steve Crocker summarizing the workshop held by the ICANN Board of Directors in Montevideo.

It includes news on the succession process of the Board’s Chair and Vice-Chair.


Kind regards,


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