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Sun May 14 22:13:16 UTC 2017

One problem with associating 'domain parking' and a list like this
CCT-RT list which basically amounts to some outside observer can't see
any useful content is that the domain might be part of an ongoing work
in progress.

How long does someone get, by these guidelines, to go from the point
of purchasing a domain and putting it into production to someone
else's satisfaction?

Another case might be what if you attempt to connect to that domain to
determine the worthiness of its content and you are presented with a
login/password pop-up? Is that worthy or unworthy?

I've actually run into this sort of thinking with a new gtld and it
discouraged what could have been a quite charitable and public
spirited project, with no recourse.

I'd say this CCT-RT list is just a particular narrative -- domain not
obviously in use to some outside observer's satisfaction -- and can do
as much if not more harm as good.

I think first one would need the complement to a list like this which
is precisely what are acceptable uses of domains? Without that it all
seems rather arbitrary and error-prone, someone's laundry list of

P.S. Of course that's all 'malicious use aside' but the list notes
that's not the major concern.

        -Barry Shein

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