[At-Large] Testing for language/UA features of ALAC's website

Satish Babu sb at inapp.com
Sat Mar 4 09:29:26 UTC 2017

Dear all,

Please see the following mail from Rinalia about Universal Acceptance (UA)
features that have just been incorporated into the ALAC web site.

Essentially, UA features allow applications and websites to store,
retrieve, and properly handle domain names and email IDs irrespective of
their script (for a more rigorous definition, see here:

We would like to request At-Large members and ALSes, particularly who
specialize in language computing or regularly use multiple scripts online,
to test the features.

A full set of test cases is available at the UASG004 document below. Pls
note that each of the patterns specified in the document is to be tested in
your script(s) of interest on the site:

Pls let us know if any of the features do not work in your language/script.

Thanks for your time!


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From: Rinalia Abdul Rahim <rinalia.abdulrahim at gmail.com>
Date: Fri, Mar 3, 2017 at 3:23 AM
Subject: [ALAC] ALAC website - UA ready!
To: ALAC Working List <alac at atlarge-lists.icann.org>

Dear ALAC and Regional Leaders,

Staff have informed me that the ALAC's new website is Universal Acceptance
ready with the features listed below.  Can you provide confirmation that
community members with IDNs in their email addresses and those with
non-Latin script URLs are able to use it, and are using it?

Features of the ALAC website:

·       Where you enter a URL (AtLarge asks you to identify your website)

o   The URL can be in any character set (Arabic, Cyrillic, Kanji, etc.)

o   Each domain in the URL can be up to 63 characters long (

·       Where you enter an email (when applying to join the group)

o   The domains of the email address can be in any character set

o   The domains of the email address can be up to 63 characters long

o   The user name must be in ASCII.  (This is temporary)

o   Email example: username at domain.topleveldomain

·       There is no immediately visible change to the AtLarge user interface

o   If you have an email from the .cloud domain, it will work now (too long
a top-level domain before)

o   If you have a website in Cyrillic (there are a couple of Cyrillic
top-level domains now), it will recognize and use it

o   If you have an email from a Katakana top-level domain, that will work
too – but only as long as your username is in English characters

Please let me know.


Best regards,


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