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On Sun, Feb 19, 2017 at 3:20 PM, Joly MacFie <joly at punkcast.com> wrote:

> it's main and important function is to provide shallow water for new
> joiners to get their feet wet, get an idea of the community, and a sense of
> belonging. A newbie playground. The idea being that the keen ones may
> graduate to traditional vectors such wg's, email lists, wiki's etc

I would not argue that there are more efficient ways to organize the
communications.  But email is always considered a 'come direct to me' mode
instead of the 'come find me' mode of the website/wiki/portal modalities
for communication.

When an ALS is ratified by the ALAC, the email subscription by ALS
representative to at least the Worldwide list comes with that ratification.
It follows for pretty much the same reasons -flipped - that Joly outlined
in the ISOC context.

Just by modeling of a traditional message, a subject line is meant to
indicate channel.  The response to the subject line in the content body
would have been a useful indicator of interest and, driver for that
channelized discussion.

But um...........well.....


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